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The Crest Cyder Company has deep roots in the heart of Somerset cider country. We have a long family history of producing fine cider using traditional methods.

Our cider is made entirely from English cider apples and we believe producing high quality cider starts with having the finest fruit. We have our own 4 acre orchard where we grow classic cider apple varieties such as Dabinett, Browns, Stoke Red, Yarlington Mill, Tremlett’s Bitter as well as many others. We do not use any chemical sprays on our trees or artificial fertilisers.

The apples are crushed and processed using our 100 year old cider press. We then allow the juice to ferment slowly over the winter within its own natural yeasts. The cider is then matured within our oak barrels before it is ready to sell. All of this gives our award winning cider a traditional and distinctive flavour.

Our Varieties

We have produced three of our favourite premium blends which we hope you will enjoy as much as we do.

We can provide any of our cider varieties as wholesale in 500ml bottles, 5 litres plastic containers, 10 litres or 20 litres bag in the boxes. To arrange for samples or to make an order then please get in contact.

Crest Traditional Cyder

Crest Traditional
Crest Traditional is a well-balanced still cider with a hint of acidity that has a crisp fruity finish.

We recommend serving near room temperature, it is a perfect accompaniment to strong cheese.

Crest Golden Cyder

Crest Golden
Crest Golden is a still medium cider. A truly crisp farmhouse cider made from a blend of apples.

It has a rich golden colour, bursting with fresh apple aromas and a hint of sweetness.

We recommend serving slightly chilled or over ice.

Crest Dabinett Cyder

Crest Dabinett
Crest Dabinett is a still, dry cider for the real enthusiast, made entirely from the classic Somerset Dabinett apple.

It gives a smooth, well-balanced cider with a full-bodied flavour. We recommend serving at room temperature for best results.